Hello and welcome to our build your own conservatory website.

This step-by-step guide gives you an insight into the work that will take place at your home during the installation of your dream conservatory.

As you can see a conservatory is a substantially built structure that has detailed foundations like any other building project. If you have questions about any stage of your conservatory project, please contact us.

  1. The Proposed Site
  2. Planning and Preparation
  3. The Foundations
  4. The Cavity Wall
  5. The Insulated Floor Slab
  6. Base Completion and Flashing
  7. Installing the Side Frames
  8. Door and Roof Insulation
  9. Roof and Side Glazing
  10. The  Last Few Jobs

1 The Proposed Site



Space may be required for a skip during the groundwork stage

The ground is cleared as part of the preparation process.

2. Planning and Preparation


The outline of the dwarf walls are calculated and marked out as per the plans.


Construction work begins with the digging of the footings.

3. The Foundations


Footings are dug to a minimum of 450mm – this will vary on ground conditions.

Concrete is poured into the footing trench to form the foundations.


The concrete is floated to form a level surface area to build upon.

Any drainage pipes will be identified, protected and bridged by concrete lintels.

4. The Cavity Wall


The outer leaf of the cavity wall is built to just below outside ground level.


The inner leaf of the cavity wall is built to the inner floor level.

Any existing air bricks can be transferred through the base work.

5. The Insulated Floor Slab


Hardcore is laid and compacted to a minimum of 100mm deep. A blinding screen of sand is laid over the hardcore.

Floor insulation and a damp proof membrane are laid over the sand.