build your own conservatory

Build Your Own Conservatory – The Basics

It is easy to build your own conservatory if you have a plan as to what you need and the stages of building a conservatory.

What You Will Need

If you do not already have a conservatory you will first need to get planning permission from your local council. This is very important, as without it you may have to take your new conservatory down.

After planning permission has been granted, you will need the parts that make up your new conservatory. These are:

  1. Doors
  2. Windows
  3. Roof

All of these can be purchased from your local home improvements company. Look on CheckaTrade to find a reputable company and they may even help you design a style to suit your home.

The Order in Which to Build Your Conservatory

You will start by digging out the footings and filling them with concrete to provide the basework that will support your new conservatory for years to come. If you do not feel confident with this stage contact a local builder (ask for references where possible) who will be more than happy to help.

Then either build your dwarf wall or start putting the window and door frames together. Finally add the roof.

This can take a week or so if it is your first installation. Again you may find local conservatory fitters who may do this for you. The back of the Friday Ad is a good place to find competent tradesmen.

The Final Touches

Adding radiators or conservatory heaters will ensure you will be able to use your new conservatory all year round. Blinds are always good to keep the sun out in those hot summer months.

Conservatory Furniture?

If you are going to be using your new conservatory all year round as an additional room, you have a wide range of conservatory to choose from. You may be using the new space as a dining room or just a place to relax. Whichever you choose, make sure you purchase furniture that is specific to being stored within a conservatory as it may well fade in the hot summer sun.

conservatory furniture

Conservatory Installation Guides

YouTube is your new best friend. There are thousands of helpful how to guides, like the one below, to help you build your new conservatory.